We Have Water!

In the Winter, not long after our seasonal hose removal and water shut-off, we had an unpleasant surprise. Our fellow gardener Desmond notified us that water was leaking out of our main hydrant.

Nicole, CCG Co-Chair, took immediate action and contacted the borough Public Works to shut off our main water line. Fortunately, the leak stopped. Unfortunately, we still weren’t sure what caused it, and considerable damage – a $500 water bill – was done.

Just in time for planting, we have water! We owe a tremendous thanks to Conshohocken Borough Public Works for fixing the problem. They took the time to dig out the hydrant, find the leak, and install a brand new hydrant.

Providing water may not be unique to a community garden, but it’s not something all of them do. We like to promote water conservation and budget-friendly watering practices.

We ask that you water wisely and follow these tips:

  • Water early or late in the day to avoid evaporation.
  • Water at the root level, not onto leaves.
  • Water less than daily. Watch the forecast, and don’t water too soon after a rain.
  • Turn off the hydrant and all nozzles when finished.
  • If you see a leak, notify us ASAP on Facebook or Email.
  • Pro Tip: Mulch. This helps the soil retain water while preventing grass and weed growth.

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