Conshohocken Community Garden (CCG) is an unincorporated, membership-based organization that provides a community of common-interest members a space, education, and fellowship focused on sustainable gardening.

Gardening is a wonderful form of recreation, socializing, health, peace, and exercise.

The garden facility is located on the 400 block of East Elm Street in Conshohocken (accross the street from Yoga Home) and has 68 plots, a community gathering area, shed, composting area, and shared fruit trees, herb garden, and other plots.

Remember how delicious home-grown vegetables taste? But have no yard to grown your own? No problem. Join the Conshohocken Community Garden and get a 10×10 plot for only $45 per year.

Not only does our community garden provide an abundance of fresh produce and plants, it allows people a sense of community and connection with the environment. We have members that are new to gardening and members that are very experienced, but the one thing in common all our members have it that everyone works together and supports each other – our members our the “community” in community garden.

The garden supplies:

  • Water
  • Gardening Tools
  • Composting
  • Camaraderie

Join us as we grow together, learning and experiencing the many joys that gardening offers, as well as reaping the bountiful amount of delicious produce that is sure to come!

Apply for membership here:  Apply for Membership

See our organizing document here:  Conshohocken Community Garden Organizing Document

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  1. Hello, we are moving to conshohocken in a month and I love gardening, but I don’t have a garden. All of my plants are currently in huge pots because I knew we would be moving. I know this is kind of crazy, but do you guys have any plots available in your community garden? I know that it is late in the season, but the apartments we are looking at would have no place for my plants to go. If you have no plots left, it’s totally fine. I just saw this community garden and was instantly excited. Thank you for the information in advance. ~Abigail

    1. Hi Abby – we have fall plots coming available in early August. I will reach out to you directly with more details. We are happy to welcome e you to Conshohocken and to the garden!

  2. Hi there! Is the compost pile accessible to the public? We recently moved to Conshohocken. We were able to compost in our old yard but do not have the capacity to here. Would love to continue mitigating food waste and am looking for options. Thank you!

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