Conshohocken Community Garden Guidelines and Rules


  • Support building a community of gardeners in Conshohocken Community Garden.
  • Practice to best of my ability sustainable and organic gardening practices.
  • Conserve water at all times. No more than 15 minutes of watering at a time.
  • Turn off the water completely when finished.
  • Keep my garden plot at least 75% planted between Memorial Day and Labor Day.
  • Keep my plot free of weeds and dead plants when lying fallow.
  • Keep my plot free of Bermuda grass, morning glory and all other weeds.
  • Plant all plants in the ground, in raised beds, or in an appropriate manner for the plot (such as pots for flowers and bag planting for potatoes). Plant crops that grow over four feet in height in the center of my plot.
  • Keep my garden plot free of overripe, rotting and spoiled fruit and vegetables.
  • Refrain from token plantings or planting a cover crop, unless specifically approved by the Board of Directors.
  • Put trash in the appropriate container. Coil the hose on the storage rack in a neat manner when not in use. Take care to straighten all kinks while coiling the hose.
  • Report problems with hoses or other equipment promptly to any Board Director.
  • Allow a right of way through aisles for others to run a hose to water their garden.
  • Compost appropriately.
  • Participate in developing and maintaining common areas.
  • Leave the common area in good condition after any social event

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