Conshohocken Community Garden Bylaws

Plot Assignments

  1. Each plot will have between 1 and 3 members.
  2. Member gardeners from the previous season will have first preference and may choose either the same plot or a vacant plot (if one exists).
  3. Existing members must pay annual dues no later than April 15 of every year or their membership may be considered expired and their plot will be released.
  4. New members must pay dues by April 15 or within 2 weeks of their plot assignments or their plots will be released. New members may not work on their plots until dues are received.
  5. Annual membership dues are based on plots. One plot is $45.00 and effective for the term of the calendar year, payable to the Conshohocken Community Garden.  Dues for double plots are $65 per year.  Fall-only membership plots (if available) are $20 and are available Aug 1 effective for the remainder of the calendar year.
  6. New double plots will not be available until after June 15 of each year and are limited to members who have gardened at least one full year and are in good standing. Double plot members may have their second plot revoked for the next year, with the exception of Founding members (2012) that have maintained their original two-plot membership in good standing and never relinquished.  Founding members are allowed two plots until they relinquish one or both plots.
  7. Up to three plots may be reserved for schools, other community organizations, or others as approved by the members. The gardeners in these plots are not considered members, do not pay dues, and do not have a right to vote as members.  However, the gardeners in these three plots must meet the same plot standards as any other gardeners and sign waivers.

Member benefits

Members receive:

  1. A plot of healthy soil
  2. Water (and a hose to supply it)
  3. Access to tools, shovels, wheel barrels, and other equipment you may need
  4. Compost
  5. Camaraderie, help, and fun as part of a community of gardeners

Member responsibility

  1. Members must plant plots by the end of Memorial Day weekend each season or the plot may be forfeited.
  2. All plots must be “planted” and actively maintained until at least August 15 of each season. Once a member gardener is done for the year, they are required to “clean-out” their plot within 2 weeks.  Failure to maintain and/or clean out a plot will be grounds for membership to be considered not in good standing.  Inspection committee will determine status of members plot at monthly intervals or as needed and at the end of the season.
  3. The garden is operated by the members, and therefore the members will meet regularly to ensure the garden is well maintained, the rules are consistent, and fruits and vegetables grow bountiful, and the Conshohocken Community Garden members form a community. Therefore members must be active and meet regularly.
    • Monthly from March through September and optionally in other months as needed. Garden Leadership will meet February through November of each year.
    • One member per plot may vote. However, no member shall have any more than one vote (that is, double plots receive only one vote not two).
    • Each gardener must attend:
      • At least 50% meetings per season
      • Two garden social events
      • One Community Garden Day
      • Provide a general garden maintenance contribution
    • Excused absences are permissible. The Secretary will maintain attendance records for each meeting and event.
  4. If a member forfeits their plot before June 1, 50% of their membership fee may be returned. If a member forfeits their plot after June 1, their membership fee may not be returned.

Additional Member Responsibilities

Garden criteria help make a successful and bountiful garden for everyone.

  • Each member is responsible for weeding and clearing his/her plot AND the paths around it.
  • Each member is expected to visit his or her plot at least once per week (or ask another member to do so on their behalf).
  • Gardening activity and plant growth (exclusive of common plots and plants) is restricted to the members’ plot. Make sure your plants, roots, watering, tilling, and other activities do not invade or impact neighboring plots.
  • Each gardener is responsible for trash and recyclable removal. Trash must be bagged and left at the front gate for Monday or Thursday morning trash pick-up. Recyclables must be placed in the recycling container for Monday morning pick up. Organic matter should be bagged in yard waste bags. Yard waste bags should be able to be easily lifted and set out for Wednesday morning pick up.
  • Each gardener will mulch all soil in the plot and maintain paths around the plot in compliance with the gardening guidelines and rules. Currently, the rules do not require mulching pathways as natural pathways have been agreed upon as most manageable.
  • Non-compliance with these rules will lead to warnings. More than 2 warnings means your membership is not in good standing and you may lose your plot and membership in Conshohocken Community Garden. If you are expelled, your plot fee will not be returned.
  • Plots in weedy & uncared for condition by August 1st will be cleared or rototilled. They may be given to existing gardeners for fall planting only. They will be open for new members in the following season as your membership will not be in good standing.
  • Growing or using illegal substances in the garden will lead to immediate expulsion with no return of the plot fee. Pesticide and other chemicals used by gardeners are regulated by the gardening guidelines and rules. Currently, chemical pesticides and fertilizers are prohibited, along with pressure treated lumber is strongly discouraged.  Violators will lose their plots, and their membership fees will not be returned.
  • Gardeners must follow the guidelines and rules issued upon acceptance of their membership.

General Rules

  • Grievances are to be brought to the Garden Leadership for resolution.
  • No digging for worms anywhere in the garden.
  • Stay out of other people’s plots unless specifically invited.
  • Pets may only be brought into the garden by members and must be restrained on a leash, walked in around the exterior perimeter or middle pathway, tethered safely in the rear community picnic space a safe distance from other members and plots, and the person responsible must clean up any droppings, food, etc.
    • Violators of the dog guest guidelines will be asked to keep his or her pet at home for future visits without further warning.
  • If, for any reason (health, vacation, work pressure), you will be temporarily unable to maintain your plot, please inform a garden officer. If you have a substitute gardener, inform the committee chairs. If you need a substitute, inform the committee chairs. Substitute gardeners must follow all garden agreement rules and be made aware especially about mulch and pesticide/chemical use.


Addendum 1

All members and guests must sign the following statement

I the undersigned member of the Conshohocken Community Garden hereby agrees to hold harmless Conshohocken Community Garden and the Conshohocken Borough Authority (land-owner) from and against any damage, loss, liability, claim, demand, suit, cost and expense directly or indirectly resulting from, arising out of or in connection with the use of the Conshohocken Community Garden by the garden group, its successors, assigns, employees, agents and invites. Additionally, I agree to abide by the Rules and By-Laws of the Conshohocken Community Garden.

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